Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Sportage..

Sportie, my nick name for my ride is getting old. She's my second car after a Proton Iswara that I now given to my younger brother.. Some sort of emergency car for my dad and sister as well..

But Sportie is getting old.. She's born in 97, clocked around 336K nowaday so like old people, her frames rattled and her engine aka heart gave her troubled. She did have a heart attack when I drove her to KL last year but had the grace to do it at an R&R. Thanks Sportie. It gave me the experiance of riding on a tow truck hahahaha.. And made me RM2K poorer..

Lately, her engine problem indication is always on and the aircon is becoming hotter. So, me and family might go to KL this weekend to search for a younger replacement. Think I want to try another budget hotel in Kota Damansaran, thought I would love to tour IKEA hehehehe :)

Don't worry Sportie, we will still retain you as our 3rd car.. A leisure car for the beaches and our small orchard.. Still love to drive you around but on less rigourous routine.

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