Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Lovely Hearth @ Kerteh, Terengganu

I love this picture of the three guys in my life.. Staring out the sea at my lovely hometown Kerteh Terengganu.

I was born in Kelantan but my family moved here since 23 years ago. There aren't much in Kerteh then, and it stayed that way for a long while until these few years that some development caught on. I consider myself a Terengganian now.

Kerteh derives its name from Kera Teh.. It was foretold long ago that Kerteh was a fisherman village with only a few huts standing. Kera or monkeys were prevelant then, and many would sneak up the huts to search for food. So, one day, the monkeys ambushed a house and the husband panicking.. shouted for his wife, named Teh, to help shoo them of.. Kera Teh! Kera Teh! (Monkeys Teh! Monkeys Teh!).. Hehe quaint story :)

I wasn't at Kerteh very long during my schooling years as I spend my teens (from 13 years old) onwards at MRSM (a boarding school) and then off to Australia for university.

Oh.. Forgotten to mention, Kerteh is the home of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.. So, after I graduated I came back to work there. There were lots of OnG development then on the 90s that I get to work with Aussies (McConnell Dowell Malaysia) and then with the UK (Foster Wheeler Malaysia Sdn Bhd).. Love working with these expatriates guy and I am still in touch with my boss Bob Walters! Hiya Bob! :)

At the site also, I had met my hubby now. Anyway.. Times has flown, hubby still worked at the OnG sector but I had left the excitement of the project life to the reliable government job (which thank god.. I still love)..

Overall, I do love Kerteh.. It is my hometown now and I am blessed to be able to built my home here.. The unhurried life (no jam).. Lovely environment (not to developed.. Not too laidback).. The lovely riverstream and the beaches.. Must say that life is good.. Alhamdulillah (praise to god)! :)

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