Monday, August 22, 2011

Planting my 2nd Frangipangi ;)

I had put an earlier entry about planting my mini frangipangi few weeks earlier.. And it is doing great.. Lotsa new leaves.. Just no flower yet.. I am curious on its colour actually cz there wasn't any when I bought it - just the word of the nursery that it would be a lovely shade of yellow..

Anyway.. Seeing its happy grenary, I am finally planting my taller frangipangi.. It has been with me since 5 months ago and not so healthy.. Might be cz I let it be in its plastic bag.. On a cement.. And it had been big and needed room to grow..

Last weekend I finally had time and strength to dig a hole for it.. Haha.. Hubby just watch and help lift it in the final stages to the whole.. Yep, freeing it from its plastic bag, I can see lots of tiny new roots sprouting.. It was in dire need of more soil.

Pictured here is my eldest son, Kimi.. Happily helping to pile earth on the frangipangi. Looks like he enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I am grooming my sons to the love the outdoor better after this.

Hmmm.. So, next to do - searching and planting a mini coconut tree.. Maybe in 5 years, my family & I would be able to quench our thirst from the fruit of our garden :)

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