Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Planting my Frangipangi or Kemboja

If you like everything Balinese.. You would love the frangipani like I do.

As you might notice, I just moved to my new home (haha at least my hubby did as I usually touch base on the weekends only).

I love the frangipangi since I was a child. However, then Frangipangi is sort of a taboo flower as it associated with graves. Yes folk! For Malays, Frangipangi or Kemboja especially the ones with the white flowers are planted in graves, supposedly its fragrances are to counter the smell of the dead bodies.

Pontianak, a Malaysian female ghost wich appears as a beautiful girl with hair adorn with a frangipangi. Then, when they have the mens (usually) in their trall, they would appear in their true form.. A gruesome ghost with long black hair and nails.. With sharp tooth for them to suck blood from their victims.

Haha.. Enough of the horror tale :)

Nowadays, with the popularity of the Balinese garden, people in Malaysia start to add frangipangi in their gardens.

I am happy too as I would therefore be able to enjoy their bloom. Here is one that I paid only RM18 that I had planted in front of my house. I had another taller one for RM50 that I hadn't decided on where to plant.

Hmmm.. But remembering the horror story, I choose only red and yellow frangipangi. I wouldn't want the white ones even though it smell the best, it is the one most favoured by the Pontianaks hahahaha :)

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