Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halal Handmade Quality Leather Products from Malaysia

Another company that I also had the fortune to visit is Terengganu's own Cosmopal or better known as Trg Leather Sdn. Bhd.

Made from locally reared Jamnapuri or Boer goats .. These goats are wholly used, nothing will be waste. The poop is recycled as organic fertilizer.. The meat is also sold. The excess milk from Mommy Goat got very high demand and now, the leather had been used as leather goods.

I quite like their leather jackets. Really it is very nice. It offers full range of handmade leather products such as bags (ladies.. Guys.. Briefcase.. Handbags..), belts, caps etc. Based on their sojourn to overseas trade fairs, their products enjoy quick demand from overseas people saying it is competitively price.

Another quirk that I observed, Malaysian people values uniformity.. Preferring machine made with their straight lines of stitching but apparently overseas buyers prefer items to be handmade and it is worth multiple time than machine made.

They also fulfilling their CSR obligation by providing employment of poor people, single mothers or people with disability challenges.

So.. If you like to learn more, please visit them at their local website: www.cosmopalfarm.com or UK sales website: www.trgleather.co.uk. For orders, perhaps can contact them at trgleather_hq@gmail.com or cosmofarm-operation@gmail.com. Their are also around Malaysia with MAHA as their best platform for local market.

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