Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lazy Housewife Tips #3 and 4

I am happy this Deepavali cz it fell on a Wednesday. Take leave for Thursday and then, the weekends are here. Four days to undo the damages done haha..

We moved in a few months ago and I have to say that 50% still not done in term of things to be put in their places.

So, tip no. 3 is focused on segments of your house, perhaps room by room basis. Previously, I did Kimi's. Thought to do Haikal's. It had been a sort of store for unfolded and unsorted clothes at the moment. I hope to do it today and get it spick and span before I can focused on the living room.

Tip no. 4 related to kiddies especially for smaller demanding ones like my Haikal. He always demanded for me to be near him. Prayertime also an uncomfy affair as he would stand in front of me, won't budge and sometimes even try to pull my tudung or shawl off. Cute but exesperating is when he wriggle on his little butt sitting on my lap whenever I was on tahayyat akhir position heheh..

So, simple solution is just put a box of toys in each room. Just a small selection will do cz you flit from room to room, he will have new toys to play in each room. And hope, during this lull period you will get the work done :D

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