Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Housewife Tips #2 I'm Not a Superwoman

I have always love this song since I was a child. The tittle is apt though the lyrics not so.. But the melody and vocal is still wonderful.

Anyway, I am a weekend mum. Nowadays my workload is too tight forcing me to travel most of the weeks. I only able to meet my boys during weekends.

And being greeted with mayhem at home - you know how guys are.. Unwashed dishes, toys abound, bathrooms ransacked.. Sometimes my temper flared..

However, I think the guys do not really notice. Only I do, I supposed.

So, I decided I will not pressure myself, I will do things 1 thing only at a time. No need to rush and no need to become perfect. Need to remind myself that I am not a superwoman.. Enjoying my time with my family is heaps better than enjoying the spick and span home that is little joy. :)

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