Saturday, October 15, 2011

Malaysia's Java Tea @ Misai Kucing

In my course of work, I have the privilege of meeting with nice entreprenuers.. Most of them are micro entreprenuers with limited resources.. Their products are good but they are having a little bit of difficulty in promoting their products..

They are also generous.. For example, during my last work duty at Karnival Halal Jeli.. I was pressured by one of the district health official (that's the problem of being chummy with people hahaha.. U got the perks as well as not so good thingy hehehehe).. I was a bit apprehensive you know.. Deep down I know I am obese now.. Too many good food I'll say..

Anyway.. My test results showed that yeah.. I am obese.. Yadda yadda.. Buttt.. I am surprised that I have sympton of onset diabetes.. Yikessss!!!

Anyway.. After that when going round the booth, I met up with En. Kamaruddin, the KBY Agrotech owner. Wailing my frustration to him (we are quite chummy you see).. He scolded me saying that I should try his product.. The Herbal Java tea or better known as Misai Kucing or Cat's Whisker..

So, I got this box or 30 sachet free.. Usually it would cost RM20.. Googling online even highlight by FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) stated that it has been traditionally used to treat diabetes and gall stone.

Anyway.. Googling again.. Most would advise to just plant the Misai Kucing plant and use the leafs as ulam or salad.. Another suggestion is to boil the misai kucing plant (from about a hand height from ground area to top) until it releases yellowish colour such as tea.. Ensure that the water is boil fully.. It can be drank hot or cool.

Anyway.. For those who are press for time, perhaps would only prefer to buy the prepackaged Java tea such as myself. For more info, perhaps can email Pok Din at (Bahasa Malaysia only please).

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