Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boat Ride @ Kuala Terengganu

One of the thing I like about my job is the perks.. I deal with companies, and usually free samples are abundant. However, chances of riding something somebody did is rare indeed.

So, today I have the prevlidge of riding a boat built by MSET Shipbuilding of Terengganu. Wahhh.. I like!

We are able to ride a boat used by the Malaysian maritime test-using new Yamaha machine. Wow! At first the boat started slow, and then it speed up to 48 knots which was pretty fast. My colleague had to hang fast to her tudung or head covering, afraid that it would fly away. I myself only managed to snap a few pics, as instinctively I know that the gust of wind by the speed would tore my BB away from my grip. I had a funny moment thinking that the wind whipping our faces makes our faces all funny with the excess flesh whipping around with the wind.. Haha..

The boat is durable as well as very stable, I was anticipating that the ride would be rough especially after going upriver, we also had a round into the open sea. It was still a choppy ride but not much. As it is a speed boat, the ride finished fast, I think I might go for a slow boat ride someday.. Heard somebody told me that it is around RM10 only return trip from Kuala Terengganu town near Pasar Payang market to Taman Temadun Islam. Hmm..

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