Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lazy Housewifes' Tips #1: Clothes Hanges System

Just saw a friend's FB status a few seconds ago.. Stating a dilemma when child's want disrupt her cloth folding chores.

I have to say I don't like folding cloths.. First because it's time consuming.. Something when you fold, it might end up not looking nice, clothes also got lost and mixed up during folding.. As well as sometimes when somebody took something from the fold, things would fall down.

So, I had over the years devise this simple system - hangers! It is quite simple really.. From the washing machine, just put clothes on hanger.. For kids or small size adults, buy hangers with waist so that you can hang both the shirts as well as pants/skirts on the waist. Then just dry the clothes out and after that just hang them. Easy peasy.

Have to say you need to buy lots of hangers but for me it a one time investment. You can also take stocks of your clothes quicky as well as to avod shopping for unnecessary addition of clothes when you see that your clothes filled all the rack space. For me, it is also good cz you could take note of cloths rotation and selection.

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