Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inside an Express Bus Again!

Today is a full day of travelling for me. In Kota Bharu (KB) earlier today for a meeting and a factory visit. Then back to my office base Kuala Terengganu, a longer time we took this afternoon, don't know why.. Too many cars and lorries as well as snail pace old cars along the way.

We reached KT around 620.. Most of the busses for that time is already full so I had to take up Nini Express, they said it's a special day as it would depart at 730 rather than the usual 830.. The ticket to KB to Kemaman would cost RM15 and about 2 - 2.5 hours. My hometown is Kerteh around 30 km less than the final destination.

I seldom ride a bus nowadays.. Well, when you have your own care.. You definitely will prefer your own ride where you can pace your own time and control your ride. The reason I'm on the bus right now is I will do a round trip starting tomorrow from Kerteh to KL for Homedec 2011 at KLCC.. Hubby wants to search for home appliances aka the hob for the stove and perhaps just go round window shopping knick knacks.

Anyway, so from KL we will drive down to KB again as I will have a Pecah Tanah or Breaking Ground ceremony at Sudara Beach Resort Tok Bali - googling their sites seems like theirs' is a very nice resort. Thought of enjoying the afternoon there first before doing the job hahahaha :)

Then back to KT.. When I will rest for a day before going for another full day of factory visits in Besut which is halfway between KT and KB hahaha..

As then it would be Depavalii.. Then the next morning after the factory visits (which I suspect will finished at around 9pm).. Back to Kerteh for a well deserved rest.. Yesssss!!!

After that I would face another busy week which I won't bother you with. Thank god I love my job but had to admit, I really missed my unbusy days sitting at my desk office. I hope December would be a more relaxing month. Aminnn...

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