Friday, October 14, 2011

Roti Canai - Malaysia's Best Breakfast

I usually take simple breakfast on workdays.. A 3 in one beverage sachet such as Milo and Nescafe.. And two piece of Jacob's biscuit.. That's all I need to power tru lunch.

Just on weekdays I am able to enjoy the truly Malaysian breakfast.. A roti canai or better know as paratha worldwide and a glass of teh tarik..

What's special about Roti Canai? Well, it is probably the best 1Malaysia meal meaning it is enjoyed by every race in Malaysia.. Malays.. Chinese.. Indians.. Indeginious.. It is best to consumed slowly while catching on gossips with friends or watching the latest Liverpool vs Man U football match or even the local Terengganu vs Kelantan match hahaha..

The round shape roti or bread is made up of flour.. Keep aside to raise for a while before shaped into a ball.. When an order came, the ball will be kneaded into a rounded shape, twirled a few time (the most advance will be twirled on air and caught again).. The proses will be done a few times.. Before the roti is fold to form a rectangular shape for a plain roti canai.. If you desire the roti canai telur (egg), pisang (banana), sardin (sardines).. The said additional item will be put in the centre of the roti before being fold..

After that, the roti will be fried on a flat iron skillet to fry with little bit of oil for a bout 5 mins.. Before it is ready to serve piping hot with a small plate of curry or dhall for me and you to enjoy.. Yummyyyyy!!!

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