Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why So Many Visitors Today??!??

Am quite surprised actually to see soo many people visiting my blog today.. Around 300.. Wow!

Well.. This blog is actually for me to jot down something I found interesting in a jiffy.. Or when I am bored.. Or get some extra time before a meeting started. And having a free BB with full internet access help greatly haha.. Just I can only post a pic in one entry though I snapped many is the only disadvantage.. Ahh well.. Perhaps when I get a Galaxy Tab, I'll post more pics folks (but not so in the near future) hahaha :P

Anyway.. Back to the Qs on hand.. Apparently when I check tru my Feedjit, I saw the traffic is from Facebook.. I really wonder why.. I don't think I had linked anything to my FB on this.. Hurmm.. Point to ponder!

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