Monday, October 3, 2011

A Malaysia Night at Trafalgar Square London 2011

Sorry for updating late! Is composing this entry at my hotel lobby Tistle Hyde Park but my UK's BTOne 5 days wifi access had just expired.. So will only be able to update my blog as soon as I step on Malaysia when my Maxis line is restored.

Had just finished the Malaysia Kitchen Trafalgar 2011.. Wow! I must admit reading the news and the report is something.. But being there, absorbing the sight, sound, smell, touch, taste is definitely bring the whole world of difference.

I was there during the day a bit early. So had time to have a bit to eat at Pret a Manger (was wondering what's the place all about.. But had very nice salmon sandwich and lemonade there :)).. Then a whole bit of culture and beautiful potraits at the national museum.. Wow! We Malaysian never had painting that survive hundreds of years like the European.. Wow!

Then the event started at three where the 20+ stalls are able to sell food. Was observing the whole senario when Trafalgar started to be filled up with Londoners.. Some had start staking places at Trafalgar steps to wait for the traditional performance. When the smell of food.. Satays cooking and delicious rendang and nasi lemak came wafting by.. People started going off in search of the Malaysian food..

I was enjoying myself seeing the Londoners and also European tourists start digging in their Malaysian food. Satay seemed to be the favourite choice of food followed by Rendang and rice.. Roti Canai.. Some of the noodles.. Malaysia curries.. Apam Balik even.. Well, there is something for everyone... :)

When the show started around 430.. After the Malaysian High Commission, Deputy Mayor of London.. And the State Secretary of Terengganu Government (Yay!!! That's my home state by the way).. The atmostphere started to become festive! I was happy to see the performance of the Terengganu dancers.. Have to admit, I haven't even seen some of the dances or heard the song they sang that evening - it was definitely pure traditional Terengganu performance :)

I really enjoyed seeing Londoners enjoying themselves especially those that had enjoyed themselves as well as doing the jigging to the song melodies. The crowd grow steadily until it swell at around five after the Londoners finished their working hours. Lines to buy food become longer and space to navigate become more and more difficult. Really had a fun time seing these Londoners enjoying themselves as well.

The event stopped at around 10 - a requirement by the London Authority. Most of the stalls had sold off their products. From my visits and observations to the Malaysian restaurants, Londoners had become more aware of the Malaysian cuisines and patronage had increased steadily. Not bad for a two year event :)

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