Saturday, October 8, 2011

Porcupine @ My Mum's House

Think this year I'm a bit fortunate, first I saw the elusive tapirs then during the weekend at mom's, I saw a landak or porcupine.

Must admit, this is the second time I saw live porcupine. Last time I saw them was at my friend's house when I was around 12. Her dad's kept a group of them at their backyard as lifestock.

The same thing happen when I posted the porcupine pics on my FB.. Lotsa my friends commented on the deliciousness of porcupines be it rendang style or plain fried.

Thruth be told, my family is the type that would eat animal that we reared. For example chickens. Think around 2-3 times my dad slaughter our chicken but us children do not partake a single bite. So, when the livestock become a lot, we usually sold it to the third party.

So, with the porcupine, we just let it be. Think it must be someones pet as it is tame. It pursued me the first day and as you can see from the picture, became still when I raise my foot. I got an instinct that it wanted me to pet him, but seeing his spiky body, I don't think I'll be that friendly with him.

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