Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sri Lanka - Buddist Temple

Most of the Sri Lankan are Buddist with some other relegion thrown in such as Hindu and Moslem. I was surprised to find that Sri Lankan converse in English. Must be due to the invasion by foreigners before it reached its independence.

The Bodhi tree. This three is from one of the sapling from the original Bodhi tree where Buddha reached his "enlightened" stage.

Elephant skulls. Don't know why its there. Maybe due to its valuable tusks.

Hundreds of Buddha statues.

One of the relics.

Carvings from elephant tusks.

Some of the jewellery and also gems. Can see how old they are.

Buddha's face. It was spooky to see that when you moved, the face seemed to be following you.

A small fragment of Buddha's bone is in the centre.

Statue of Buddha at the final stages of his "enlightment". He fasted and fasted till his body shrunk to this proportion. Hmm.. remember Keanu Reeves once acted in a Buddha film. Hunky!

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