Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pahang - Bukit Tinggi's Colmar Tropicale Japanese Garden

On the way up. Colmar Tropicale boasted the first Japanese Garden set up in a tropical rainforest.

Botanical garden map. This should be below he he he.... (to lazy to change the setting)

Koi Pond. When I came here earlier a few years ago, it was better. The water was flowing. Now some of the stream had dried out so it is a bit unkempt.

Coming up to the Japanese house.


The Japanese house up close. If you want, there's a tea ceremony for RM20. You can also hire the kimono for photo session (RM40).

Koi pond. Again, I think the water level had receded since the last time I came here.

View from the smaller Japanese house a bit in front of the Japanese house.

Japanese Spa.

Restaurant. Can get authentic Japanese soba here. There is also a herb garden (the map is above, the one I'm too lazy to move down here he he)

Herb Garden.

Souvenior shop.

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