Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terengganu - Bukit Tunggal - My New House

This would be the road to my new home for the next three years (if I do not move out sooner). A bit lonely at the end of the road. Malays find it spooky should the house be at near a hill as mine does. Some sayings state that the paranormal thingy thrives on hilly, lonely environment. Yikes!

Side view. Grass a bit long.

Full front view. I supposed it is ok. The rent is RM350 permonth (compare that to my room monthly rental in KL - RM250/month).. cheap.. cheap...

Think maybe I should buy myself a pair of swans ... swans can be some sort of watchdog too... Should be able to alert me should there be something spooky - paranormal or not aiming to disturb me.

Guess now you all know I'm such a scarity cat.. he he..

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