Friday, May 16, 2008

Pahang - Cameron Highlands - Villa Dahlia

Villa Dahlia - my accomodation for the last two visit is located just across the Cameron Highland golf course. For me, its cheap and suitable for families esp. Malaysian. No towel and the hot water is not always reliable but for me, for the price you get it is quite ok. The rate is around RM150 (1 bedroom apartment), RM250 (2 bedrooms) and RM300 (3 bedrooms). You can kau tim (haggle) with the Uncle Receptionist and get 20% off (depending on your charm I supposed, I got mine!! he he)... Tel No. +605 4915611.

I've also stayed in Heritage Hotel (RM200/night with breakfast) for a hotel room - a big bed and it is also quite big so you can share if the others can sleep on the floor. I also stayed at Equitorial Hotel apartment (at the very top of Cameron Highland) courtesy of my sis with the bill of almost RM500 per night (of course they give you rebate vouchers for dinner and breakfast)

Foliage in between the hotel. A bit unkempt but fresh air none the less.

Living room.


The second bedroom - a bit small but still ok.

The living room after being invaded by the nieces. The apartment was occupies by me and hubby (1 room), the sis in law family (hubby and three girls in the main bedroom) and mum in law (living room) due to the younger sis in law and her hubby arrived unannounced. But as they are newly married, why not (the other room).

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