Friday, May 16, 2008

Selangor - Taman Ampang Jaya

This is the house that I stayed in since three years ago. Rented a room here for RM250 per month. Shared with two other ladies as housemate. The landlady told me that her mum bought it in the 70s for RM60,000. Today, houses at this area valued at RM180,000 and above. It is hard to find landed property very near to KLCC nowadays (around 10km).. see how apartments mushroomed all around the back of the house. They sell at around RM145,000. I had two friends whom had purchased units at the apartments.

The messy garden at the side. Weekend mornings I'll be awaken by the calling of Bangladeshi grasscutters wanting fee to cut the grass down. Stubborn buggers.

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