Friday, May 16, 2008

Pahang - Cameron Highlands - Tanah Rata Town

View from the bottom of Cameron Highland. It is 69 km to the top i.e. around an hour drive as the road is narrow and winding. Would take a lot longer if you have busses or lorries in front of you. Overtaking them would be and adventure itself (harrowing!!!!). Tapah road is the old road to Cameron Highland - I believe my mum also used this road during her younger years in the 70s.

Honk please!!! Blind curve in front!!!

Tanah Rata town - banks, eateries, souveniour shops, phone cards and accesseries too! (had my hp charger here for RM11 - forget to bring from home he he)

Souvenior shops and eateries. The steamboat seems nice. Lots of mamak (Indian - with curries, roti chanai, thosai etc) stalls.

Tanah Rata is a small town. All Cameron Highland towns are small town but all of them have their charms - unhurried, I would say.

Saw some foreign tourists here (our Malaysian term - Mat Salleh for males and Minah Salleh for females). Maybe due to the relative abundance of eateries and travel agencies here.

For me the best way to travel here is having your own car. From Kuala Lumpur, it is about 3.5 hours to Cameron Highland. A good site to further browse around is here, Link Me!

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