Monday, May 5, 2008

Selangor - Banting Textile Heaven

Banting Town... here I come! Banting is a small town about 1 hr from Kuala Lumpur. Nothing much of note here except it's a heaven for textile!!!

Rows and rrows of textile from as low as RM10 (USD3) per 4 metres. Mostly used for baju kurungs.

More textile. Curtains are also in abundance. Check this out - some of them also offers curtain making free when you purchase curtain textile from them. Prices ranges from RM1.90 to whatever you can afford.

More and more! The baju there cost RM35 for the skirts and RM65 for the tops (esp. the kebayas)

Bought one of these for the batik look. RM48 per pair.

Blouses are also available. Got mine RM80 for two blouses. And they got big sizes as well. Talked to the owner - a nice young lady. The blouses came from Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and also China.

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