Thursday, May 22, 2008

Selangor - Kuala Selangor Kuantan Village Fireflies

Entrance to the K.Kuantan fireflies centre. Pic a bit blurry.

Info Board - Fireflies is a type of beetle, active at night. Their tails give out a sort of light in unison at night so that a colony of them will produce a glittering brightness such as thousand of stars or nearer example on earth - glittering cristmas lights.

View of the pier at sunset. Nice ain't it?

The other side of the small pier. Here is the embarkment point before the tour starts.

Ticketing centre. I believe that it is RM40 per boat (have to recheck). Phone +603 - 3289 1439 / 7046.

Singboard - equating the fireflies to saving electricity. Telekom Malaysia is Malaysia's electricity company.

The actual reason for coming to Kuala Selangor - cheap seafood - my sis bought 2 kgs of prawns for her stock ... to bad that I won't be in KL to help her finish that up he he he....

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