Friday, May 16, 2008

Pahang - Cameron Highlands - Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas

The access road in. It is about 2km from the main road. I saw some tourists hiking in. I think hiking in is ok as they'll go downhill but going back out is uphill.. murderous!

The junction - to the right is the Boh Tea Plantation and to the left is to Brichang Mountain - another tourist attraction.

Workers gathering the tea leafs.

Weighing the tea.

Bundling the tea leaf before sending to the factory.

Your friendly Mr Boh mascot.

BOH Tea Centre. Please have the tea with the calming tranquil tea plantation view.

History on how Cameron Highland came into existance - impressive!

Outlay of modern Cameron Highland.

Hubby posing in front of the tea centre.

Souvenior Shop.

History of the BOH tea plantation's founding father.

Quite a handsome lad!

Antique old ta leaf grinding machine.

Antique misty fan. Quite amusing as you can find the modern version all over Kuala Lumpur bistros.

Old furnace door.

Hubby pretending to be coolie. At his back is the gunny sack used to transport tea leafs from the plantation to the factory by workers.

BOH factory.

Grinding leaf machine operating as usual.

Processing the leafs.

Tea leafs gathered in sacks before packaging.

On the way down tru the tea plantation.

Tea bushes up close.

View from the top. Tranquility!

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