Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend 10 - 11 May 2008

Flowers from my first trip to Cameron Highland this year i.e. Feb 2008.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Cameron Highland (again). This is the fourth time in three months, firstly with my older sis & her friend, then my mom & sis with hubby as designated driver, then with the mother in law (and hubby) and tomorrow - with sis in law & family (and hubby), bored? You betcha! But I'll take more pics this time with the aim that I won't be visiting Cameron Highland in the next few years.

Then on Sunday, I'll be in Kuala Terengganu searching for my new home as I'll be moving there. Hope to snap pics of Pasar Payang, maybe more on Masjid Krystal and maybe Pantai Kelulut. No rush there as I'll be in Kuala Terengganu for the next three years so there'll be more pics from there starting June 2008 onwards.

Tuesday - Wednesday, I'll certainly be in Colmar Tropicale. Can't wait to snap pics there. It is beautiful but a bit boring for those loving actions. Ah well.. free holiday, why not?! ... see ya!

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